6. lost on the underground

I started getting confused
was I even on the right train
did I miss my stop
panic slowly stirred in my chest
I could be on this train all night
I froze and couldn’t move
how long would I be stuck on this train

a young man approached me
he must have read the fear in my eyes
he asked me if I was lost
I handed him the flyer
I should have gotten off two stops ago

he offered his help
cautiously I accepted
I just wanted a place to drop off my luggage and sleep
he carried my luggage and helped me check in

we grabbed a bite to eat
he took me back to the train station
I purchased my ticket to Vienna

he showed me Big Ben and Buckingham Palace
took me to my room
and arranged to pick me up in the morning
we were going to spend the next two days together

I couldn’t do it
it was out of my comfort zone
I just wanted to get to Vienna to meet up with my friend

the next morning I showered and left early
I found my way back to the train station
exchanged my ticket to leave right away
found my way to the train
and settled in for the long 24 hour ride Vienna

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace


Victoria Palace Theatre
Victoria Palace Theatre