4. Gatwick

well there I was in London
so I thought
I had picked up my bags
passed through customs
got a stamp in my passport
and walked out the glass doors of the Gatwick Airport

hmmm there was no city
I had sort of expected to just walk out
and be in London
went back in and found a place to sit down
the luggage was already heavy
I was exhausted

realization set in
I was completely alone
didn’t even have a way to call my dad
even if I did, what could he do
I was half a world away

went up to information to ask how to get to London
she mumbled something
it was clearly in English
I didn’t understand a word

excuse me
she repeated herself several times
frustrated, she pointed to the right
I understood the word train

I found my way to the train station
and bought a ticket to London

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